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Tube Stand - Black, 18 Tubes

A new great option for organizing your beads! Store your tubed beads in our 3D printed tube stands. They fit up to 18 tubes in three rows (6x3), with diameter up to 15 mm and with height above 4 cm for comfortable organizing. Great not only for PotomacBeads tubes.

The stands are compatible with one another, so you can create a stand organizer of your preferred size. Printed from PLA black filament to make your colours pop out and easy to see. The organizer is light, but sturdy - holds all full 18 tubes with ease.

Very easy to assemble with minimum effort on your part. No glue needed. Shipped disassembled with a printed instructions and with an extra piece of sand paper in case of need.

Dimensions: 116x48x40 mm, shipped disassembled and flat. Do not leave in direct sun and store below 60 °C (140 °F).

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