Pre-Order BeadOnIt® Boards - 12"/30.5cm Rounds


12" Round Bead On It Boards are designed for jewelry-Making and beading -- they are one of the ultimate tools for jewelry-designers.

  • Each board is handcrafted in the United States
  • Created with premium materials for many years of life for jewelry-designers.
  • The beading surface causes seed beads to all sit with their holes in the same direction to help save you time.
  • The soft velvet bumper surface ensures you hands and arms are comfortable while beading.
  • The round shape prevents thread from catching on corners, helping you bead more efficiently.

    Size: 12" Round
    Sold By: Each
    Pack Quantity: 1 board
    Country: Made in USA
    Material Component: Wood & Fabric

    Pre-order your new BeadOnIt® Board and save on shipping!

    How to Pre-Order your new BOIB:

    To be able to offer new colours and shapes of BOIBs to our customers, we created a pre-order option for you. BeadOnIt Board shapes and colours marked as a pre-order are not a permanent stock of PBC EU, but can be pre-ordered through our shop. To get it, you can add it to your card and proceed as usual through the checkout.

    How it works:

    In cooperation with PotomacBeads US, we will place an order every month, once a month, that will contain your ordered BOIB plus some new Potomac Exclusives arrivals :) After that, the order is shipped to us. It takes usually 10 business days. After we receive your BeadOnIt Board, we will ship your order ASAP to you. You will save on international shipping, long-distance delivery and can get the new BOIB easily.

    How long it will take for my BOIB to arrive?

    We have a regular ordering schedule planned. Our orders are placed on 25th of each month (might be adjusted in the future). After that, it takes usually 10 business days to arrive to us. We will ship it ASAP to you with the rest of your order after receiving our shipment. You will be informed throughout the whole process.

    Important information:

    Our inventory is NOT regularly synced with or We will know the BOIB availability only once the order by us is placed. In case your chosen BeadOnIt Board is out of stock, we will contact you. You can choose another one or be refunded. We will do our best to get your BeadOnIt Board though! Thank you very much for shopping with us and supporting our EU site!

    Free shipping offers do not apply to orders containing Bead On It Boards in them. This item has additional shipping charges due to its size and weight - 7.99 € flat rate on all orders containing Bead On It Boards.