Free how to bead downloads

Making your own unique patterns and designs just got a whole lot easier!

With PotomacBeads free beading graph paper, you can download and print the PDF files for the stitches you want,

then use colored pencils to make your imagination come to life!

Brick stitch graph paper

brick stitch for cylinder beads

brick stitch for round beads

peyote stitch graph paper

peyote stitch for cylinder beads

peyote stitch for round beads

2-drop peyote 


square stitch graph paper

square stitch for cylinder beads

square stitch for round beads

loom weaving graph paper

loom weaving with cylinder beads

loom weaving with round beads

right angle weave graph paper

right angle weave 1x1

right angle weave 3x3

herringbone stitch graph paper

herringbone stitch with round beads