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How to Build a Collection and Make Your Jewelry More Marketable

July 31, 2018

Many jewelry-makers have a desire to share their work with others by selling their pieces online, at shows, or in shops.  This is the logical next step for many beaders, but getting started is more than half the battle.  For those of you who are interested in taking this leap, developing your design personality and … Continue reading "How to Build a Collection and Make Your Jewelry More Marketable"
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10 Most Popular Bead Colors Today

July 18, 2018

Learn about which colors of beads are the most popular today across a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
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Introduction to Soutache

June 20, 2018

Are you a fan of beadweaving? Do you like bead embroidery as well? Then we got something else for you that might catch your eye: Soutache Embroidery. A little bit of history… From the historical point of view, soutache is nothing new. Some sources say that the word itself comes from a Hungarian word sujtás which describes the … Continue reading "Introduction to Soutache"
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May 31, 2018

Sometimes, walking into a bead store or shopping for beads online can be totally overwhelming.  Even for the seasoned beader. The selection is often enormous, with many options, styles, shapes and types to choose from.  Aside from the questions we receive about choosing colors that compliment each other well, we often get questions about the … Continue reading "A CLOSER LOOK AT CZECH BEAD COATINGS"
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Review of Popular Bead Coatings and their Durability

May 18, 2018

  We have all been there.  You find a gorgeous new beading pattern or video and can’t wait to start it.  Then, after selecting the colors, spending over an hour hunched over your bead mat, and sharing your accomplishment on your favorite online beading group, the finish on your beads starts wearing off!  You want to … Continue reading "Review of Popular Bead Coatings and their Durability"
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Rivoli, Chaton, Montee Oh MY!

May 11, 2018

Crystals are frequently used in the vast world of jewelry making. They can be stunning without carrying the hefty price tag of real gemstones. Whether set in a metal bezel, embedded in surrounding beads or hung by a bail, there are an infinite number of ways to incorporate them into a piece. Obviously, there are … Continue reading "Rivoli, Chaton, Montee Oh MY!"
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5 Essential Stitches in Beadweaving

May 02, 2018

Beadweaving is without a doubt an amazing type of beading and for many also the ultimate beading style. It attracts people for many reasons.  Its intricate look, countless variations in use, and wide range of results with different beads while using the same technique are some. There are also an amazing variety of beads and … Continue reading "5 Essential Stitches in Beadweaving"
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The Ultimate Delica Bezel Directory

April 25, 2018

Learning to Bezel I really enjoyed learning to bezel.  The evening I learned, I was attending a monthly Wine and Bead night at the Potomac Bead Company, where we learned to make the Queen Victoria Earrings. The evening ended up taking longer than expected because all of the rookies in attendance were brand new beaders … Continue reading "The Ultimate Delica Bezel Directory"
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7 Trending Color Theory Tips: PANTONE Spring 2018

April 18, 2018

Twice a year, PANTONE presents the world with seasonal collections of colors that help guide designers and businesses to connect with consumers in the most effective way.  As jewelry designers, these heavily contemplated collections can be very helpful.  I find they can guide, teach, and inspire us to try new colors and/or color combinations to … Continue reading "7 Trending Color Theory Tips: PANTONE Spring 2018"
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Thread & Needles: One Beader’s Review (Part 2: Needle Types)

April 14, 2018

  In part 1 of this review, I focused on reviewing some of the more common threads available to beaders.  Here, in Part 2, I will focus on the needles.  There was a time when I thought that all needles were pretty much the same and they all did the same job.  I took for … Continue reading "Thread & Needles: One Beader’s Review (Part 2: Needle Types)"
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Thread & Needles: One Beader’s Review (Part 1: Thread Types)

April 11, 2018

When I first learned the technique of beadweaving, I learned from a friend who had her own needle and thread preferences.  The overwhelming selection of threads and needles available, and an incomplete knowledge of every brand, prevented me from venturing too far from my beginnings.  After a couple years of almost exclusively using the brands … Continue reading "Thread & Needles: One Beader’s Review (Part 1: Thread Types)"
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Finding Inspiration through Travel

Finding Inspiration through Travel

April 04, 2018

As a fairly new beader and a very left brain, a-type personality, I struggle with figuring out what handmade jewelry to create, how I want to create it, and what bead colors I plan to use.  After browsing the Potomac Bead store for much too long, I inevitably end up at the check-out counter with … Continue reading "Finding Inspiration through Travel"
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